Celebrating Launch of the Kapor Center for Social Impact!

The Mitchell Kapor Foundation announces a “new public face”: the Kapor Center for Social Impact!


“For the past year, we’ve been keeping you abreast of an ongoing strategic shift here at the Kapor Foundation. We’re very excited to announce that we’ve arrived. As of May 15, 2013, the Kapor Foundation will have a new public face, the Kapor Center for Social Impact. Through a shared vision, set of values, and program activities, we’ll work more closely with Kapor Capital, our sibling venture capital microfirm focused on seed-stage tech startups…”

The Kapor Center’s working mission is to relentlessly pursue creative strategies that will leverage tech for positive social impact in underrepresented communities, primarily focusing on closing academic, political, health, and economic gaps. This mission represents our deep belief in the power of information technology as a tool to accelerate social good, and fully aligns with the Kapors’ longtime involvement in the tech industry, stemming back to their days at Lotus Development Corporation in the early 1980s.

Going forward, the Kapor Center will engage in partnerships across the for-profit and nonprofit continuum in three primary areas: Educational Access (which includes our College Bound Brotherhood initiative), Tech Tools for Social Impact, and Diversifying Tech. More information will be available at www.kaporcenter.org on May 15th.

As we make this transition, we are also concluding our grantmaking and related activities under the Green Access and Voting Integrity and Civic Engagement program areas, and will share the impact of what our community partners achieved in a series of retrospective reports to the broader community in early spring. We will not make additional responsive grants in these program areas. Additionally, Assistance & Advising will no longer be a distinct program area; it will be integrated into our everyday Kapor Center approach to partnerships. We will continue to be a leading partner in the College Bound Brotherhood.

We recognize that change, especially from a funding institution, always has ripples and repercussions. With this transition, we are now better situated to “provoke social change in communities of color en route to equality” by utilizing the ever-growing power of tech to our advantage. We hope that you join us in the excitement about the possibilities ahead.

Best wishes,

Freada Kapor Klein, Board Chair
Mitchell Kapor, President
Cedric Brown, Chief Executive Officer