Public Equity Group (PEG) is a diverse practice of strategy and management consultants mobilized to help visionary leaders and organizations achieve impact. PEG works with partners poised to make a demonstrable difference on the “big issues of the day” and in the lives of disadvantaged communities. In particular, we look for clients with the following qualities:

  • Deep equity/justice commitment and compatible organization values

  • High potential for national or global impact, scale, and/or replication

  • Strong leadership (strategic thinking, management, implementation)

  • High organization capacity to implement (staff and board quality; planning, monitoring, operations, and systems quality)

PEG teams engage in strategy and business planning that is robust, practical, and affordable. Our work typically culminates in summary strategic plans that detail a client’s 3-5+ year goals and theory of change, programmatic priorities, organization (staff, skill and system requirements), and economic requirements — as well as ongoing implementation and project management plans.

We value diversity and cultural competency, a commitment reflected in our leadership, client selection, methodology, staffing, communication, and more.

We forge deep, long-term relationships with leaders and organizations at the forefront of their respective fields, supporting their evolution, and celebrating their successes via case studies, media, and more — long after the engagement has ended. By doing this, we aim to strengthen and empower our partners, helping them to build demonstrably better “models” for change and ultimately spurring dramatic improvements in the quality of life of vulnerable populations and communities.

Our Mission & Philosophy

Public Equity Group is mobilized to help emerging and established social change organizations develop and implement high-impact strategies, best-practice management approaches, and model programs and campaigns that drive change on the ground, in the field, and around the globe.

We engage in compassionate and accessible, but rigorous, data-driven strategy and implementation, often culminating in summary business or strategic plans detailing the client’s 3-5+ year goals, programmatic priorities, and organization.

It is important to us to “meet the client where they are;” as such, we customize our approaches and deliverables to address particular client needs, time and cost constraints, and the like. And despite offering top-flight consulting support, we work hard to keep our fees and other costs consistent with many clients’ economic realities — which is consistent with our values.

We like to “roll up our sleeves.”  
We get to know your leadership, staff, and board. Deeply.
We volunteer at your events.
We speak up on your behalf.
And more.

We work hard to quickly and thoroughly understand the culture of our clients’ organizations and their constituents, and apply that understanding, throughout our diverse teams, methodologies, communication, and more.

Our Name


The name “Public Equity Group” is many things — among them, a statement of our values, a reference to our origins and approach, and — of course — a play on words.

While some private equity firms have been criticized for their pursuit of quick returns at the expense of long-term sustainability and socioeconomic good, PEG is about the opposite. PEG seeks to help promising public and socially-minded organizations strengthen and scale, in service of social impact, using many of the analytic, management, and organizational approaches honed by our predecessors and brethren — of whom PEG is, quite literally, “derivative.”

Play on words aside, PEG first and foremost is about growing and sustaining progress and equity, where equity is at the heart of our organization and work — and literally at the center of our name. Increasingly, we (and our partners) are becoming more explicit about our commitment to racial and economic equity in particular, for our part expressed with the launch of a new “Equity” practice area. We look forward to working with you.