Torin Jones

Education: BA, Development Studies, UC Berkeley; MPhil, Social Anthropology, Cambridge; MA, Anthropology, Stanford

Recent projects include: Coro Northern California

Personal interests include: Torin has worked in various capacities in the world of professional dance. In addition, he enjoys travel, learning new languages, and baking.

Torin Jones is a doctoral candidate in the anthropology department at Stanford University. Torin conducts research among young West Africans seeking asylum in Italy. He investigates the intersections of migration, humanitarianism, race, and emotion. Torin weaves creative approaches into his rigorous ethnographic methods. He has used poetry, yoga, meditation, and dance in order to explore new modalities of fieldwork and community service. Torin builds upon past research experiences in China, Taiwan, Senegal, and the United Kingdom. He has received multiple grants from the National Science Foundation for his research.