John Knox

John is a consulting analyst who currently specializes in conducting community needs, program landscape, and best practice research with a focus on organization and implementation analysis. He enjoys crafting growth and change scenarios, interviewing stakeholders, and plotting trends to inform future client strategy.

Before joining Public Equity Group, John worked, interned, and volunteered with a variety of organizations, including East Bay Interfaith Immigration Coalition; Street Level Health Project, and Psychologists Without Borders, a non-profit based in Spain that coordinates efforts to extend mental health services to those from low socioeconomic backgrounds. John also has worked with East Bay Sanctuary Covenant, an immigrant services/advocacy center in the San Francisco Bay Area where he served as volunteer coordinator and visa application assistant.

John is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, with a BA in psychology. While at UC Berkeley, John conducted research with the Cultural Diversity and Intergroup Relations Lab, contributing to joint projects launched between the Boalt School of Law and the psychology department.