Strategy & business planning

PEG engages in rigorous, data-driven strategy and business planning, often culminating in a 5-10 year business or strategic plan, as well as near-term implementation plans (although sometimes culminating in a set of strategic recommendations, priorities, or initiatives).

Illustrative strategy & business planning deliverables (depending on the project):

  • Organization diagnostic or snapshot

  • Intended Impacts (Goals) and Theory of Change

  • Strategic priorities or initiatives

  • Business or strategic plan

  • Operations or implementation plans

Program strategy

PEG team members work closely with clients to develop program plans that align the work of the organization with its overall mission.  Effective program planning is critical for improving current performance/impact, charting future growth, and/or realigning organizational resources.

Illustrative program planning deliverables & activities (depending on the project):

  • Program diagnostic or snapshot (Assess current program strengths & growth opportunities)

  • Program research/benchmarking (Identify & distill lessons learned & "best practices" from research, peer organizations)

  • Program logic model (Establish new program goals & strategies/approaches)

  • Program implementation plans (Determine organization needs wrt staffing, systems, financial plans)

  • “Pilot” program plans & rollout

Financial analysis & planning

PEG team members engage in rigorous financial analyses to help strengthen clients’ ability to make informed organizational and programmatic decisions and ultimately help increase organizations' prospects for economic viability and sustainability.

Illustrative financial analysis & planning deliverables & activities (depending on the project):

  • Financial performance reports (e.g., based on internal data, benchmarking)

  • Organization & program budget projections/pro formas

  • Strategic budgeting plans (e.g., aligned to the organization-wide strategy & annual planning cycles)

PEG provides a range of project leadership and management services from light touch (e.g. developing detailed work plans) to comprehensive oversight of multi-year projects involving diverse stakeholders across multiple locations.

Project management

PEG assists clients in planning and executing large and small convenings that foster cross-sector knowledge sharing and learning and create an interactive environment for dialogue and exchange.